Deficiency of the Interleukin-36-Receptor Antagonist (DITRA) – aka Generalized Pustular Psoriasis (GPP)

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SAID group:
Pyogenic Diseases


Autosomal recessive.

May affect all races. Patients with Caucasian, Spanish, Asian, African, Algerian or Tunisian ancestry. [58] [75] [77]

Unknown but rare. 1% of Sfax, Tunisians are carriers, with a 0.52% chance of having the disease in this population. [58]

Timing of symptoms:
Flares last days to weeks. Some with chronic symptoms. Most flare from triggers like: infections, stress, medication changes, during pregnancy or menstruation. [58]

Age of onset:
Variable age of onset. Many have symptoms starting in childhood. Some have symptoms beginning in adulthood. [58]

Skin cutaneous:
Recurrent, generalized pustular psoriasis and high fevers after erythematous rash. Some with acral pustules and nail damage, or chronic plaques. [58] [61]

Sudden-onset high fever >40°C with chills. Some patients have a headache with the onset of the rash and fever, plus asthenia (muscle weakness) and tachycardia. [58] [61]

Not noted.[58] [61] [62]

Not noted. [58] [61] [62]

Tachycardia. Electrolyte imbalances can occur during fever and onset of pustular rash. Risk for cardiac arrest and septicemia. [58] [61]

Nausea during flares. At risk for a loss of appetite. [58] [60] One infant patient noted with failure to thrive and diarrhea. [63]

Risk for renal and liver impairment and systemic infection with severe flares. [58] [61]

Joints bones muscles cartilage:
Asthenia (muscle weakness) during fevers and flares. Risk for inflammatory arthritis. [59] [61]

Not noted. [59] [60]

Not noted. [59] [60]

Abnormal labs:
High during flares (in most patients): ESR, CRP, neutrophils, lactate levels. Low: plasma albumin, calcium, zinc. Risk for infections with flares. [59] [60]

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Diepgen TL, Yihune G et al. Generalized Pustular Psoriasis. Dermatology Online Atlas. DermIS Dermatology Information System. Published online at:


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